To help with your planning, here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is the price of your band?

For a complete explanation of our pricing, please fill out our Contact form to request
our price list.


How many musicians are in the band?

Our band varies in size from a 5 piece to a 13 piece band. The size of the band you hire
should fit the type of function you are having, the kind of music you would like the band to play,
the number of invited guests and the size of the room where your event will take place. We take
all this into consideration before recommending the size of the band.


Can you provide music for our ceremony and/or cocktail hour?

Yes. You may choose to hire one or more of our musicians to perform for your ceremony and/or
cocktail hour. We can suggest music appropriate for each event or you may choose your own
music selections. Please visit our Planning page for great song suggestions.


How can I be sure that the group of musicians I hire will be the same musicians
who will perform at my affair?

Love Supreme is a “set” group which means every member in our band will be the same every time.
We do not employ freelance musicians. In the event of illness, a substitute of equal ability will
be contracted.


The ages of our guests will vary considerably. Can your band play all types of music?

The versatility and quality of musicianship in our band is such that our musicians can authentically
perform a wide variety of music ranging from the ’40′s swing era to today’s Top 40 dance music.
Our song list is very extensive and includes music from every era. You are always free to choose
which songs you would like the band to play. We will then make your song choices our highest priority
the day of your event.


How many breaks does the band take during the night and how long do they play?

A standard engagement is 4 hours. If there is a ceremony or cocktail hour before dinner,
arrangements can be made for music to be played during that time. Within the 4 hours the band
will play three 50 minute sets with breaks scheduled around the service
of food. Digital music will be played during our breaks at no additional cost or you may choose
to hire the band on a continuous music basis which means that during our breaks there will
always be 2/3 musicians who will continue to perform dinner music. We also offer DJ services at no
additional cost as part of our band package.


Will the band perform at a volume that is comfortable for me and for my guests?

Love Supreme will perform music which is especially suited for the dinner hour and background to
conversation. As the party progresses we are always amenable to lowering the volume at your request.


Will the band learn a special song?

If you provide four weeks notice, and a CD or MP3 of your song, we will guarantee that your
song is learned and performed well.


Can I decide what type of music will be played during my reception?

We encourage our clients to go through our song list and highlight the selections they would
like the band to play and cross out any selections they do not wish to hear. On the day
of your wedding we will perform the music you have chosen. Our band is also extremely
capable of “reading the crowd” and choosing music we are confident will pack the dance floor!